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When local shipping operations & processes become complex and multi-layered,

efficiencies, transparency, timely information become a challenge.

You want a partner who can resolve your local pain points.

At Logwing, We

"Solve Local, Serve Global"

Deliver data-driven solutions for
the Global Shipping and Supply
Chain Network.
Our expertise is the combination of industry experience, network and technological
knowledge and its application.

Carriers,Forwarders and BCOs trust Logwing to be their choice partner in digital
business solutions.
Logwing offers Ocean Carriers' and its Trading Partners
Efficiency and Productivity the shipping platform to customers requiring local process efficiency and productivity.
Single platform to multiple Partners to help customers manage all of their ocean shipments with multiple Carriers or Forwarders/Booking Agents in one platform, achieving service excellence, improving customer experience and cost efficiencies.
Increasing Sales Opportunity a large network for Carriers and Forwarders to increase Sales Opportunity within Logwing's ecosystem.


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Million Containers
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Thousand Port Pairs
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Thousand Users
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China, the world's largest maritime exporting country

Also means that the demand for good supply chain visibility is important.

Logwing strives to consistently apply A.I. to provide value-add
solutions and Insights to the Industry to improve supply chain visibility.

  • Vessel / Routing Insights
  • Delay Sensing
  • Global Major Ports Turn Around
  • Reports (On Demand)
China Trade July 2021 ~ July 2022
Top 5 Export Markets 2021 ~ 2022
China Container Throughput 2021 ~ May 2022
$283 Billion
$333 Billion
$226 Billion
$232 Billion
Quotes from our Partners
Logwing's e-commerce platform not only helps us improve the data quality of booking and bills of lading, but also provides users with a very good user experience and is a trustworthy platform.
Aaron / Branch Manager
Emirates Shipping Agencies (Shenzhen) Ltd.
When customers start to submit BK/BL through Logwing, there were thousands of enquiries from customers on the platform itself and/or shipping knowledge. We are very appreciative of LOGWING who provided very genuine and co-operative service to all our customers in educating them on the shipping knowledge as well as using your platform.Our customers and our teammates are impressed by LOGWING's patience and efficiency.
Customer Service Team Hong Kong & South China
ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd.
Your Shipping Experts
  • 100% owned by Logwing
  • Leading Sailing Schedules Platform (Chinese) in China
  • Ad-base & Subscription service for Carriers, Maritime
    Community, Booking Agents and Forwarders throughout China
  • 170000 Users, over 1 million daily page views, 2000+ PODs
  • One of the largest forwarders/Booking Agents' network
    platform in China

(Please note that the website is only in Chinese)

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About Us
Logwing is committed to deliver digital connectivity to the global shipping and supply chain network enterprising in the world's largest
manufacturing markets in Asia to the rest of the world.

Logwing's vast experience in B2B and SaaS platform serves as the perfect partner to the Shipping and Supply Chain Community. The
future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning remains the forefront of Logwing's progress and development to provide data
driven solutions improving efficiency, customer experience and Carbon Footprint.

Please contact us:mkt@logwing.com
Our Corporate Culture RAISE for progress & success together Respect · Accountability · Innovative · Sharing · Excellence