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Professional booking platform
Vessel Schedule
Complete and accurate vessel schedule query
Cargo Assistant
Your dedicated cargo forwarding on-line assistant
Info LinkHub
Navigation Platform for Port and Carrier Info
Professional issue resolution for booking services to improve customer experiences
Seamless Connection
Cross Regions
Sharing and connecting all directions
Cross Roles
Fit-for-all DOC
Flexible to split and combine
Flexible to replicate
Vessel Schedule
WEIYUN Vessel Schedule,
complete and accurate vessel schedule query services dedicated for customers in shipping industry
Destination Ports
Vessel Schedule Records
Cargo Assistant
My dedicate cargo forwrading assistant. Swift consignation, efficient synergy
Vessel Schedule Query
Effective tool for booking process
Freight Quotation
Local surcharge auto-calculated, and quotation sheet quickly generated
Work Order Management
Easy way to manage daily work order
Work order switch to booking
Handle booking process in integrated way to reduce waste and pressure of frequent swapping among systems
Cargo Tracking
Quick query to reduce swapping among different systems
Document Sharing
Reduce e-mail exchange and free to download by stakeholders
Task management
Task management, task reminder,task completion notice
Booking consignation
coodinate and facilitate among freight forwarders
Info LinkHub
Navigation platform for port and carriers info
Integrated favorite
One favorite linking large number of useful websites
Easy to swap among query webpages
Easier way to swap among query webpages than Favorite
Instant Notice
Timely keep you updated of ports and/or carriers' website address changes
Webpage optmization
Enhance webpage functioning
Information integration
To integrate info of each port to improve query efficiency
Full coverage
Cover every ports and carriers in Each China and provide complete and integrated info for more than 10,000 companies in shipping industry
Expanding platform network services
Connecting domestic ports and expanding business scopes to serve customers by all means