Senior Front-end Developer



  1. Utilize front-end technologies to create user-friendly, industry-standard, cross-platform, and cross-browser applications.
  2. Evaluate implementation complexity based on requirements, collaborate with UI designers and backend engineers, analyze and design optimal page front-end structure solutions.
  3. Analyze and design web front-end application architecture, system, and module division. Develop front-end ecosystem and overall framework.
  4. Contribute to solving technical challenges and overcoming obstacles in web front-end development. Participate in discussions and optimizations of development processes.
  5. Research and explore emerging Web technologies. Analyze, review, and share technical knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned.
  6. Provide training and guidance to developers in front-end coding.
  7. Package functional service components, establish standard specifications, and empower other developers to enhance the team's capabilities.
  8. Timely completion of other tasks assigned by superiors.


  1. Proficient in XML/HTML/CSS/H5/JavaScript/jQuery and familiar with ES6, TypeScript, CSS3, and other latest technologies.
  2. Proficient in Vue (required) and experienced in either Angular or React.
  3. Proficient in one of the mainstream frameworks/libraries for micro frontends, such as Uni-app or Electron, with a deep understanding of their features and applications.
  4. Skilled in front-end build tools (Webpack/Vite/Gulp), CSS pre-processing tools, and familiar with frameworks in the NodeJS technology stack.
  5. Familiarity with object-oriented programming concepts and rich practical experience in front-end code reuse.
  6. Practical experience and understanding of Web performance optimization and browser compatibility.
  7. Excellent communication and logical expression skills.
  8. Exhibits a strong interest in development work. Capable of independently developing projects, with strong self-motivation, business acumen, and proactive thinking to drive business forward.
  9. Bachelor's degree or above in a computer-related field, with a good foundation in English and at least 2 years of work experience.
  10. Bachelor's degree or above in a computer-related field, with a good foundation in English and a minimum 2 years of work experience.

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