Senior Software Developer



  1. Develop code according to product requirements.
  2. Complete software coding and unit testing within project timelines.
  3. Solve technical challenges and provide guidance to junior developers.
  4. Timely completion of other tasks assigned by superiors.


  1. Proficient in ASP.NET or J2EE development platforms, with familiarity in B/S system development.
  2. Expertise in either C# or Java, with knowledge of common design patterns.
  3. Proficient in XML/HTML/CSS/H5/JavaScript/jQuery and other development technologies, with additional familiarity with front-end frameworks like EasyUI/ExtJS preferred.
  4. Familiarity with one of the MVVM frameworks such as Vue.js/Angular.js/React.js.
  5. Expertise in designing and operating relational databases including one of Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, or Postgres, with experience in performance optimization.
  6. Expertise in one of the ORM frameworks like iBatis/MyBatis or NHibernate/Hibernate.
  7. Exhibits a strong interest in development work. Capable of independently developing projects, with strong self-motivation, business acumen, and proactive thinking to drive business forward.
  8. Bachelor's degree or above in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related field, with a solid foundation in English and a minimum 3 years of development experience.

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