CargoAct Awarded as One of "Top 30 Innovation Cases" in the 2023 China Shipping Industry Innovation Conference

On April 13, 2023, at the 3rd China (Dongjiang) Shipping Industry Week in Tianjin, Logwing was awarded as one of "Top 30 Innovation Cases" in the 2023 China Shipping Industry Innovation Conference for its end-to-end intelligent supply chain management solution,"CargoAct."


CargoAct - Bringing Visibility to Your Supply Chain

CargoAct is a supply chain visibility solution that utilizes AI and big data technology to provide end-to-end visibility, launched by Xiamen Logwing Technology Co., Ltd. It is committed to providing supply chain visibility tracking solutions and solving the pain points for manufacturers and trading enterprises.


CargoAct leverages artificial intelligence and big data technologies to achieve end-to-end visibility in logistics, assisting clients in supervising maritime transportation, estimating transport risks, ensuring transport plans for goods, and enhancing freight efficiency and reliability. It helps minimize cargo losses, fines, compensations, and additional costs, ultimately saving time and expenses for clients and boosting their competitiveness.

2023 China Shipping Industry Innovation Conference

This conference is jointly organized by China Navigation Journal and International Shipping Enterprise Alliance (ISEA). It aims to respond to national requirements, to promote the transformation and upgrading of the port and shipping logistics industry, and encourage innovative practices. All awarded projects have been through preliminary selection, online publicity, voting, and expert reviews, receiving great attention and active participation from the industry.

Logwing, a company dedicated to bringing innovation and transformation to the shipping industry, is extremely proud of CargoAct's success and will keep innovating to provide even better products.


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