Logwing Attended DSH International Shipping Innovation Conference

On July 9, 2023, Logwing attended the first DSH International Shipping Innovation Conference was held in Lin-gang Special Area. During the conference, the Lin-gang Special Area Administration signed contact with seventeen shipping service companies, including Logwing, covering various aspect such as shipping, ship management, and digitalization, intelligence, and low-carbon shipping services. Logwing’s president Zhiqing Ding, was present the signing ceremony on behalf of the company.

Themed "Openness, Innovation, Integration for High-level Shipping Service," the conference focused on the development of a high-level shipping services industry cluster and the transformation of the shipping industry through digitization, intelligence, and low-carbon initiatives, thus promoting high-quality development in the international shipping services sector.

Lin-gang Special Area is a significant national strategic initiative personally planned, deployed, and promoted by President Xi Jinping. Emphasizing openness and focusing on the shipping sector, it aims to deepen institutional innovation in the shipping industry and provide an open policy environment and a excellent business conditions to facilitate the innovative development of shipping enterprises.

Logwing will seize this opportunity to fully leverage its experience and technological advantages in the shipping industry. It aims to enhance its shipping services and provide efficient resource allocation platforms for the industry. By doing so, Logwing will contribute to the digitalization, intelligence, and low-carbon transformation of the industry, thereby supporting the healthy development of the international shipping services industry.

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