Logwing and COSCO Shipping Logistics Supply Chain Co., Ltd. Container Logistics BU Achieve New Breakthroughs in Online Marketing Cooperation

Xiamen Logwing Network Technology Co., Ltd. and COSCO Shipping Logistics Supply Chain Co., Ltd. Container Logistics BU, have achieved a new breakthrough in online operation cooperation, building upon their previous collaboration in Tianjin, Dalian, and Lianyungang, and now jointly serving customers of Ethiopian Shipping & Logistics Services Enterprise (referred to as ESLSE) .


Carrier Zone

On April 8, 2024, the jointly operated "ESLSE - Carrier Service Zone" officially launched.


This innovative initiative showcases their commitment to digital transformation and customer-centric strategies , signifying a solid step forward in the practice of digital transformation for the Container Logistics BU.



Digital Marketing

Since June 2023, Logwing and the Container Logistics BU have jointly launched a series of online marketing products in the Beijing, Qingdao, and Dalian regions, totaling 29 e-commerce product combinations and formulated a "four-set" standard process system to solidify a strong foundation for the next step in digital transformation.


1.Offline product incubation process

2.Product listing process

3.E-commerce service standards

4.E-commerce operation process


By the end of last month, all e-commerce products launched by the Container Logistics BU had exceeded 13,850 total clicks. These clicks were widely distributed across 109 cities nationwide, demonstrating the broad coverage and popularity of this innovative service. Moreover, it has successfully reached 3,469 companies, involving 10,788 individuals.


These impressive figures not only reflect the team's relentless pursuit of innovation but also showcase the Container Logistics BUs determination to embrace new technologies and drive business innovation.


About Logwing

Logwing provides innovative data-driven solutions for the global shipping and supply chain network. Service solutions include: eShipping, Witrans, Kxiaoyu/Helloshipping, and CargoAct.


Logwing will continue to uphold the customer-centric approach, continuously advancing digital marketing and service innovation to help customers achieve business growth and sustainable development.

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