Tencent and Logwing-Witrans Co-Host Customer Acquisition Workshop: 'Grouping' into Tencent

On July 27, 2023, the "Tencent Supports International Logistics Industry Digital Customer Acquisition Workshop," jointly organized by Tencent Qidian and Logwing-Witrans, was successfully held at Tencent Building in Shenzhen.

The workshop, with the theme "Logwing-Witrans at Tencent," invited about 70 freight forwarders to explore new ways to digitally empower businesses for customer expansion. As one of the organizers, Logwing-Witrans gave each attendee a membership card as a gift.

2:30 PM, the event officially began with a warm welcome from Tencent to all the fellow freight forwarders. Subsequently, their Business Director provided a detailed introduction to the customized products for international logistics companies, and demonstrated its features on the spot, allowing everyone to gain a firsthand understanding of how to rapidly expand their global customer base in the era of big data. During the Q&A interactive session, the fellow attendees actively participated, sharing their perspectives and questions about the product, and collectively exploring the digital trends in international logistics companies.

After the workshop, the Tencent team led our members on a tour of the Tencent building and took a group photo in front of the Tencent corporate culture wall.

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